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Wow! 2022 is Fast Coming to an End

If you're a woman scrambling around for the perfect gift for your perfect man, how about something that will blow his socks off and cause his mind to melt down?

This image is from my Fantasy Series. Shy women love it because they can maintain their anonymity while baring it all and no one is the wiser. A recent client has hers hanging in her exercise room where friends and family can see it, "ooh & aah" over it as she simply smiles and says she bought it off the Internet.

Each Fantasy image is an original. Once the print is finished and delivered, the file can be destroyed, transferred to the client or kept in the photographer's private files. As for reproducing the final image, that would be impossible without the file. Even with the original camera file, the process of creating a Fantasy image is so unique that it can never be reproduced.

Fantasy images are best printed on large (greater than 10"x15") metallic paper that produces a shimmering surface. When framed, a wide (3"+) mat will further emphasize the metallic surface.

If you're a bit more daring but still want to preserve your anonymity to a degree, Bodyscapes may be the right fit for you. If you have tattoos or other unique features, spouses, partners and other intimate friends may recognize you but, to everyone else, it will simply be a photographic work of art. Again, you can simply tell nosy inquirers that you bought it off the Internet since ordering prints of your photo session is done via the Internet.

The young woman in the bodyscape above would only be recognized by someone familiar with her unique tattoo. This is a high-key bodyscape that uses a very light but not overexposed image to highlight the tattoo.

Bodyscapes, both high-key and low-key, are best presented as canvas gallery wraps where the canvas print is stretched over wooden stretcher bars and the edges are finished to match the print. An added advantage is that canvas gallery wraps don't need expensive frames or glazing (glass.)

I hope this give you some ideas for the perfect gift for your perfect man. Send me an e-mail to get your photo shoot session started.

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