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Got a Great Photo You Want Printed?

This is where you order prints of your own digital files. Let' say you have a great selfie you want printed on canvas as a 20"x30" gallery wrap to give your SO (significant other) as a special gift. Send me an e-mail with the files attached and I'll tell you how big it can be printed, what media is best suited for that print, how long it will take, what editing I recommend and how much this will cost.


As you can see, this page has issues. It turns out that this website designer, WIX, limits the number of forms I can add unless I upgrade to an exorbitantly expensive plan.

Since I detest extortion, I'm searching for ways to circumvent their highway robbery. Until then, please simply send me an e-mail and I'll e-mail a pdf form that you can fill out and return to me for a firm quote.

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