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Catchy Clickbait Title About Nude Art Photography

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

First Blog Post on

A (very) Short Introduction to

Hello, my name is Yoshimatsu, hence the “YM” in the name. Although this site is new, designed and implemented by Christopher Fry of SuperAwesomeRocketship, this is not, by any stretch, my first rodeo. In fact, this is probably my 4th or 5th website since about 2002. What I learned from those previous sites is what made it easier for me to clearly describe to Christopher what I wanted and how I wanted the visitor to feel when they arrived at the site. So, if any viewers are considering building or having a site built, I highly recommend SuperAwesomeRocketship.

What’s the Purpose of

The purpose is to promote my services (It’s all about Me! Me! Me!) and, in the process, empower women to take control of their lives, image, inhibitions and anything else that might be holding back their desire for a more freeing and fulfilling life. The subtitle for this website is, “Shed Your Inhibitions (and your clothes).” Until you’ve tried it, you can’t imagine how liberating and empowering it can feel to pose for nude photos in a studio.

Why Use

I hear some of you asking, “How is this different from taking nude selfies in the privacy of my own home?” The answer is quite simply that selfies in the privacy of your own home impart a sense of furtiveness, something about which you are embarrassed or ashamed. A photo session in a studio with a professional photographer is akin to standing on the courthouse steps and proclaiming your emancipation.

Can I Trust and the Process

Rest assured, YOU are completely and totally in control of the process. You choose to be totally mild or completely wild, it’s up to you. Some clients have started a session fully clothed and by the 2nd hour gone completely au naturel. I even had one client who decide in the middle of the shoot to shave herself, something she’d thought about but never followed through.

Please peruse the galleries and think about how you’d like to represent yourself. Even if you have no idea, contact me to bounce some concepts off me. For the super-shy and timid, may I recommend a Fantasy shoot. That’s actually a misnomer because the shoot itself is a completely normal process. It’s only the final print that’s been processed to obscure your identity. Bodyscape photos are similar in that the actual shoot is like any other nude shoot but the final print what sets it apart. Imagine hanging a Fantasy or Bodyscape print in your home or office, knowing that you’re the only one who knows the secret. Only Glamour prints are designed to give an in-your-face, “I am woman” attitude. No one will mistake your identity or your attitude upon seeing a Glamour print.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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