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Our mission is to create fine art nude prints. In the words of Ansel Adams, "...the negative (digital file) is like the composer's score. Then, using that musical analogy, the print is the performance.." The print is the final result that captivates, enthralls and mesmerizes the audience. Whether the print hangs in the privacy of your home, in your office or, ultimately, in a public gallery, the print is what the outside world sees. A print is a permanent testament to a woman's confidence, independence and beauty.



We offer different session packages depending on the woman's desires. For those who may be a bit shy about revealing her identity, Fantasy prints are an excellent choice. The best fantasies have, as their basis, a foundation of truth. Starting with a photograph, a Fantasy print is created by Yoshimatsu applying a unique process developed by Yoshimatsu.

For the quintessential embodiment of classic nude art, nothing matches a Black & White Bodyscape. Focusing on the body's natural lines, curves and angles, Yoshimatsu combines light, dark and textures to create art that intrigues, delights and captivates views while, sometimes, puzzling them until they suddenly "see" the vision.

For the bold and fearless, Glamour photographs are a statement of a woman's empowerment. By openly and unabashedly revealing herself to the gaze and admiration of friends, acquaintances and strangers, a woman takes back control of her narrative. She is who she decides, not what society or religion or a man has assigned her. Her values, strength and beliefs are her own, not how others have painted her.

Yoshimatsu does not offer boudoir photography per se. While the client's wishes are always paramount, Yoshimatsu may decline a commission rather than compromise our artistic vision. Our strategy is to create long-term artistic beauty and, in the process, long-term artistic value.

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